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Is your business safe?

A pretty heavy question. You might even have answered “yes” without much thought. But, pondering a little deeper, what would happen if your North Dakota business caught on fire? Would your employees be ready to escape if such an event were to occur? Federal law does dictate businesses and places of commerce to have lighted emergency exits, but is this enough? Or do you need something more?

Here are some facts to consider:

  • According to the National Fire Protection Association, 118,000 fires were reported in 2009, the latest available. Those fires resulted in:
    • 130 deaths
    • 2,090 injuries
    • $3.2 billion in property damages
  • A commercial property fire can mean a loss of business. Worse, it can mean a loss of life. For example: A 2004 nursing home fire in Marysville TN caused the deaths of five, and the year before, 16 were killed in a Hartford CT nursing home fire. In 2003, a Rhode Island night club fire left 100 dead, and a high-rise building fire in Chicago took six lives.
  • Authorities later determined many of these fires could have been averted with a functioning fire suppression system.

Is your ND business safe? Or does it need a modern fire alarm system? If so, we can help.

Reasons Fires Start in Commercial Properties:

  • Smoking: You can’t watch your employees all the time, and even if your building is smoke-free, you can’t be sure one bad apple won’t spoil the bunch. The leading cause of many of the most historic hotel fires? Guests who fell asleep while smoking a cigarette, cigar, etc.
  • Non-Working Wiring: Has been in a while since your wiring and electrical systems were investigated? Immediately correct the issue, as worn cords and wires are one of the major causes of commercial property fires.
  • Incorrect Storage: It’s never a good idea to store flammable liquids and materials close to heat. Still, many fires have begun because this rule was broken. In one instance, a shop caught fire when clothes were left too close to a spotlight. The building’s fire sprinkler system saved the day.
  • Unkempt Heat Sources: Mistakes happen. “To err is human” after all. But some mistakes can be costly. When employees handle hot machinery, one slip-up can mean a catastrophic fire. Heat sources like stoves, furnaces, etc. require careful maintenance. Own a restaurant? Make sure employees regularly clean the grease traps.

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